Looking for MORE than just a paycheck?
Imagine having a job where you MATTER!
This opportunity is for you if:
  •   You love HELPING others 
  •   You can’t STAND being late or missing work

  •   You look forward to doing something different every day
  •   You believe life is too short to be unhappy at work 
  •  You love working with a positive and encouraging team of hard working individuals  
  •  You love being appreciated
  •  You want a flexible schedule so you can drop off and pick up the kiddos at school.
This opportunity is NOT for you if:
  • You don't like people 
  •  You don’t have reliable transportation, insurance and all that adult-type stuff

  •  You change jobs as often as you change your clothes
  •   You are lazy, slow moving and just plain not interested in going anywhere in life
  •  Hard work scares you and makes you cry. That's why you try hard to avoid those situations
  •  You don’t play well with others- it’s all about you

  •  You always have an excuse at the ready
  •  You thrive on drama

Still here? Even more excited than before?? We need to talk! We have a LIMITED number of cleaning positions available exclusively for the people described above!!
Fill out the questions and sign up for the next group interview RIGHT NOW (before you move on to the next boring job application and/ or life gets in the way) and introduce yourself to us. We can’t wait to meet you!!
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